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The Council is required to keep a record of its financial dealings and display them online and make them available for inspection to members of the public. Parish Council funds come from Local government from a precept raised on Council Tax levied by the Local Authority. This is public money and must be accounted for.
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Accounting Statements 2015-2016 Annual Governance Statements 2015-2016 Bank Reconciliation as of 31st March 2016 Declaration of Status of Published Accounts 31st March 2016 Internal Audit Report 2015-2016 Items of Expenditure above 100 List of Members Responsibilities Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014- Sections 26 & 27 Notice Commencement of Period for Electors Exercise Rights Public Land and Building Assets 31st March 2016 Statement of Significant Variances 2015-2016 Notice of Audit Conclusion 2015-2016