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This website has the primary aim of being a means of communication between the Parish Council and the residents we serve in our community. It is hoped that it will also be a source of information for visitors to our village and the wider parish area.
Welcome to Whitbourne Parish Council’s website from the Chair, Ron James
Fancy being a Parish Councillor? You may have seen the notices go up in the village recently advising that the Parish Council has a vacancy for a councillor. Those notices were a formal requirement to let you know that such a vacancy existed and to set out the process should the Parish wish to have a formal election. The notices were posted on the 5th August and the period finished on the 25th August. At the recent Parish Council meeting I announced that there were no responses and that therefore the Parish did not wish to have an election. The process is now for the Parish Council to co-opt a Councillor to fill the vacancy, and this is where you come in! To be eligible to be a Councillor you need to meet the following criteria. Youmust be: 1/ A commonwealth citizen (which includes a British subject), or a citizen of a member state of the European Union, over 18 and an elector. 2/ During the whole of the last 12 months resided within the locality or within 3 miles of it, or 3/ Occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises therein or had their principal or only place of work there. Such work need not be paid, but must be substantial. If you think this is for you, then please let me know on this email address – whitbournepcclerk@outlook.com. The closing date for nominations is the 10th October 2017. The Parish Council will then conduct interviews during the latter part of October. If successful, your first meeting as Councillor would be the 1st November. Kevin Phillips Clerk and RFO Whitbourne Parish Council